About school

Welcome to the official website of  The Complex of Economics Schools   

The Complex of Economics Schools was created in 1920 in Torun which is called a town of Nicolaus Copernicus. The school went through the different types of organization. The curriculums, specialities and fields of education have changed. It has functioned as Collective Economics School since 1957 at 39 Grunwaldzka Street in Torun. Now there are 508 students including 384 girls and 124 boys, 51 full-time employed teachers and 5 administrative workers.
The Complex of  Economics Schools consists of: Technical School no 1 and Vocational School no1. According to the type of school, students can choose the economist or trader profession.
Students of technical secondary school have an opportunity to take a school-leaving exam after four-year school attendance. During the school, students have training periods in many firms.
Students who choose Vocational School go to the school three times a week and work twice a week. After two years at school they have learned the profession of a salesperson or shop assistant.

Lessons are lead in the professionally and specially classes. Our school has got modern hardware with stable access to the Internet. It has got the gym, playing field, the common room and small shop. Students can use richly equipped library with the reading- room. According to specialization lot of attation is paid to improve and gain the professional-economic knowledge. Teachers are making special lessons to improve and broaden the students` knowledge in the form of special interests Circle /‘Clubs’/ : The Circle of Young – Economist, The Circle of Young Seller, School Club of Enterprising ,Youth Minibuisness. There are educational trips, courses, lectures at University in Toruń, the Economic Games, contest of the knowledge of banking, The days of the enterprise to help in our professional development. Our students are winning the subject competitions and contest in the voivodship and in the country, especially at the fields connected with our specializations, there are the recipients and the finalists of the Economic Games, of the Regional Contest of the Knowledge of banking, of the Regional Contest of the Knowledge of Economy. The teachers are fully devoted to improve our horizons and make us more ambitions. Thanks to this our school can be proud of its graduates. School efficiently prepares its graduates to continue their education at universities and academies. Many of the former students finished studies, got a job in their professions and are successful workers both at universities and in companies. School also make it possible to develop the skills of the individual student by taking part in extra classes and meeting e.g: School Sports Club, The Computer Circle or British Culture Club. Bringing up the youth and being sensitive to love, responsibility and truth are our school’s main priorities.

At our school we have a School Self-Government, which is organizing a lot of school parties, e.g. Boys Date, Nicolas Day, Nativity Play, Classes Christmas Eves, Valentine’s Day, 1st Day of Spring, Farewell of Undergraduates, discos and much more… A lot of students enjoy an organized integration trips too. The School Self-Government is also organizing a charity’s actions, lotteries, draw lots “Lucky number” and editing a school newspaper. They’re working out a strategy for promoting our school and taking part in parties, which are organized by town and some organizations.
School is cooperating with a lot of employers and thanks to that can organize a professional practice.

In 2000-2002, our students and teachers were cooperating with Gymnasium Hamm in Hamburg (Germany) and Lemvig-Gymnasium in Lemvig (Denmark) for a Socrates-Comenius programme, in project “Europeans on way to the new millennium”.

From 2005, ZSE is progressing with foreign partner – BBS Syke, Germany, mostly in cultural exchanges and practical training for the youth. Thanks this progress the youth have a chance for a practical education at European companies. ZSE has put a project for a Leonardo da Vinci programme, in February 2012, so in 2013 our students participated in this programme

Besides since 2001 our school has been working European Club called EuroEkonomik, and students can broaden one’s knowledge about UE in debates, lectures, contests, organizing a Europe’s Day, meetings with the youth from some other countries, etc. EuroEkonomik is cooperating with Europe Youth Center in Łódź and organizing a trips education-linguistic. They’re for realization a planned projects e.g. “Business Plan for a Polish- Norwegian Firm” in Norway, “Set Up a Firm in Polish-British Conditions” in England and also “We’re Learning about Europe – Institution-European Parliament in Strassbourg” in project “Germany-France-Switzerland”. Activities like those are a big chance in order to get a lot of experiences and language skills for the youth and teachers.
From 2007 our school has partnerships with schools in Germany – BBS-Syke , Bosnia and Herzegovina – High Economic School and Bulgaria – Varnenska Targovska Gimnazia. We have worked together on the projects : „Hopesand Fears of Young People in Europe”,
“The Friend and The Enemy” – a picture of political events of the 80’s and 90’s in Polish, Bosnian and German films – analysis of intercultural differences and similarities,
„Economic Changes since the End of Communism”,
„It is normal to be different! – Young Europeans with and without the Down Syndrome Facing Human Rights in the Past and Present“- was awarded the European Citizenship Prize 2012 by the European Parliament.
In 2013, students begin the implementation of Comenius with schools in Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Bulgaria. Topic of the project is „Supporting Our Sensibility towards Europe” – „S.O.S. EUROPE”.

In the ranking of high schools in 2007 ZSE got 5th place in Toruń, 22nd in region and 302nd in whole country. In this year we got a Quality Certificate “Enterprise School”, which is an award by Youth Enterprise Foundation and Commission for Financial Supervision.